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Wolvto stay in that feeling of tutorials i was browsing the webs for some usefull shizam on cs:go since most of us cant even hit their own feet to be sent home from the war:


Explained by an actual person who knows his shizamsz
CS:GO - How to spray by Friberg - Recoil tutorial
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Loobitch   You really expect someone to watch a 30 min tutorial on CS? :d
Wolvfrekkin amazing

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Loobitch   n1

Check it oouuuut.
The Notorious B.I.G. - "Big Poppa"
"Big Poppa" by The Notorious B.I.G. From The Notorious B.I.G...
Kor_LightningJust find this on youtube, its quite old, but its a song about a portal gun (from portal the game).
Wish I Had a Portal Gun
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SnakeDr.Hey chaps, It has been a while since I was last online, Im not going to apologise coz ur all arseholes haha nah me and my wife had our baby 2 weeks ago hes called Oliver James Hogan (no james not after u :p), also my new job means I work evenings so don't get much time to play anymore, however im gonna start trying to get online a little more often even if its only for an hour or 2, anywhos, ill cya whenever, cheers guys. Snake
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Wolv   hulk hogan much, just commenting on this to make him feel better.

nah congrats man hope the baby dunn look like you too much hehe
SnakeDr.   lol cheers guys, fortunately hes actually a good looking little boy definitely takes after his mum lol
Hawke   Are we sure it's your baby if it's good looking?
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