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HawkeThe real reason Arsenal bought Sanchez.
LoobitchI can post now
Kor_Lightning   thats the worst photoshop i've ever seen in my entire life
Loobitch   still better than having an imaginary dog...
InstrumentalLike this Wolv?
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Kor_Lightning   yes ye faggit
Wolv   i dont see anything?
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Wolv   1-2 umedjellyengland?
AbeMaca   [link]
Wolv   shittiest post ever produced in the history of zhe interwebsz?
Instrumental   Yeh this is bad. Shame on you loob
Loobitch   ben feel offended
The Return of BaneCat
Speak of the devil, and he shall appear.
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G!LA   not as good as the first one
Loobitch   1st one was so shit I'm not gonna watch this one
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